Cabinet Painting

Improving parts of your home not only increase the look, but the value of your home. When you or guests walk in your house, the kitchen is almost always the focal point. Take your kitchen design to the next level with kitchen cabinet painting that provides beautiful finishes. Empire Painting is your premier Milwaukee and Waukesha County interior cabinet painters, providing high quality cabinet refinishing and and cabinet painting services.

Empire’s Interior Cabinet Painting Procedure


Upon entry, Empire will cover floors and countertops. We will mask appliances and air vents to protect and prevent dust circulation. Our painter will enclose the area from floor to ceiling to further contain dust and act as a barrier during spray application. At the close of each working day, appliance masking will be carefully removed for access. We recommend minimizing usage until on-site completion.

The painter will reassess the wood grain and condition during the estimate visit. Cabinet doors and drawer faces will be removed, each labelled for proper placement, and wrapped in packing blankets for protection. Door and drawer fronts are transported to Empire’s Delafield workshop for off-site completion.

In regards to timing, each project varies slightly according to condition and desired finish. Most kitchen door and drawer front sets are ready 10-14 business days from workshop delivery. This is crucial drying (cure) time. 

cabinet painting


To protect cabinet interiors, the Empire painter will mask all cabinet box openings. Cabinet boxes must be emptied prior to start date. This is why we coordinate start dates carefully to enable homeowners enough lead time to prepare for arrival. 

We then complete a pass of sanding at all cabinetry exterior boxes, both sides of doors, and both sides of drawer fronts. Sanding will aid in better primer adhesion. 

For non-oak millwork and cabinetry, we will putty existing nail holes at shoe kicks and, via spray, apply one coat of Sherwin Williams Shellac bonding primer to the exterior of cabinetry boxes, both doors sides, and drawer fronts.
For oak, primer will be back-brushed by hand to help infill porous grain. Primer helps to block stains and ensure no former finish is visible upon painting completion. Empire finishes preparation by caulking as needed with Sherwin Williams 55-year caulk.

STEP 3: Apply paint & CLEAN UP

Doors and drawer fronts are carefully removed and wrapped securely in packing blankets for transport to Empire’s Delafield workshop. For painted cabinetry, we recommend door handles versus knobs and drawer pulls to reduce interaction with the surface. Oils from our hands and general kitchen wear can cause a burnishing effect after years depending upon the usage and care taken by the homeowner. Empire offers refined carpentry services to fill existing hardware placements and drill for the repositioning of new hardware. 

Once ready, two finish coats of Sherwin Williams Top Coat is sprayed with a pass of sanding between coats. After doing in-house testing, we are the most confident in the finished results available with this product. We find most local companies have mirrored our process, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! A thorough clean-up is done upon on-site completion and following reinstallation.

Free Quotes for Cabinet Painting Jobs

We offer complimentary quotes for all cabinet painting projects to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction from the start. Our process includes a detailed assessment of your cabinetry’s current condition and your desired outcome. We provide a comprehensive estimate outlining the scope of work and time required. Contact us today to schedule your free quote and take the first step towards transforming your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with our professional painting services.

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