House Painting

Area Preparation

The Empire team covers landscaping as best as possible while working on exterior surfaces. Prior to pressure washing, we ask homeowners move any patio furniture, yard décor, or prized potted plants to areas away from the work zone. If landscaping is touching siding, we ask this be trimmed prior to the start date. If Empire team’s is able to perform minor trimming, we will do so but cannot guarantee how manicured it will look. We will do our best to minimize cutting.

Surface Preparation

After cleaning surfaces, the Empire team will scrape and sand as needed to remove any loose, flaking paint. This enables better primer adhesion. All bare areas will be primed prior to finish coat application. Failing caulk will be removed and re-caulked for a durable seal.

Paint Application

At the end of each workday, Empire’s team neatly stows away materials and supplies. Upon project completion, a thorough cleanup is performed. We inspect our work throughout the process and follow up to ensure your satisfaction before invoicing.

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