Wall & Ceiling Painting

Protect Areas

The Empire team thoroughly covers floors in all work areas. Rosin paper provides an additional layer of protection over wood flooring. For cabinetry projects, we ventilate and drape plastic sheets to contain dust from sanding and spraying.


Repair + Prepare Surfaces

Damaged drywall areas will be repaired and texture application performed with adequate dry time. New drywall and millwork is also primed. Nail holes filled upon request. We include putty, sanding, and caulking around baseboards and casing for clean lines.


Apply Premium Paint

Empire includes two finish coats of paint for all projects. We only use premium products. We recommend selections for each project that offer the best value and performance. In addition, Empire receives specialty pricing as a business on paint. We always pass that savings onto clients.

Empire Painting recommends premium paint brands such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to complete projects for walls, ceilings, baseboards, casings, and crown. Curious about specifications? Visit Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore online to see product descriptions. 


Cleanup + Inspect

At the end of each workday, Empire’s team neatly stows away materials and supplies. Upon project completion, a thorough cleanup is performed. We inspect our work throughout the process and follow up to ensure your satisfaction before invoicing.

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