Custom Requests

Color Selection and Custom Requests

A polished, professional paint job is not all Empire delivers. We want you to be happy with your color selections. To assist, we offer a complimentary color consultation upon proposal acceptance. Our colorist will review your flooring, furniture, and design aesthetic to suggest fitting shades on walls, ceilings, and trim.

Empire always recommends homeowners obtain a sample or two of recommendations to see how the shade looks in a specific room’s natural lighting. Eggshell sheen is most commonly recommended for walls, flat sheen for ceilings, and satin sheen for trim and cabinetry. The final color and sheen decision is a homeowner’s responsibility.

Do you have a specialty project in mind such a gold leaf application, glazed cabinetry, or mural projects? If Empire cannot complete your custom project, we know professional, local decorators who may assist.

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