Greater Milwaukee is enjoying the final traces of summer. It may be difficult to look months ahead given the promising forecast for the first week of October. Exterior painting in sunshine and 70 degrees? We’ll take it.

But as a homeowner, you need to be able to think ahead and plan for future projects before they get here. If you wait too long, you may end up paying more than you bargain for or hiring someone who isn’t cut out for the job.

Now that the colder months are upon us and summer jobs are finishing up, you may want to think about scheduling your interior painting project soon!

What Season Should I Hire a Painting Contractor?

Why should you consider professional painting and finishing during the colder months? That’s easy. Work tends to be less plentiful between December and March in Southeast Wisconsin. Homeowners think spring and summer for renovations and resale. Businesses and academic institutions tend to schedule remodeling for warmer months and school breaks. Both residential and commercial painting jobs are finishing up, and all these factors mean more contractors are available and flexible to take on your project.

Remember, any painting company or professional painter worth hiring is usually booked weeks in advance. This is not a matter or convenience for a contractor. After all, no business likes turning away potential customers.

Typically, contractors with less immediate availability indicates competitive pricing, an established reputation for quality finishing, and the ethical practice to fulfill agreements before taking on more work. If a painting professional shares scheduled clients come first, home and business owners should feel confident that their project will not be shuffled or hastily completed.

Understand ideal painting conditions

Are you wondering, “Doesn’t temperature influence paint application?” Wonder no more. As long as the heat is on, the drier air and controlled humidity actually improves painting conditions. Painting professionals will check for cold walls prior to getting started.

Today’s low and zero VOC paint options also allow you to enjoy a space sooner. Paint odor will be at a minimum. Floor fans and other equipment may assist ventilation for larger projects. No open windows necessary. Empire Painting recommends using high quality Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore products for safe, lasting finishes.

Add sparkle in time for the holidays

Visualize your current home or business. If you feel bored with colors now, just wait until you’re spending more time indoors. It’s not too late to renovate.

Concentrate on key living areas where family and friends will congregate during the holiday season. Endear the cook in your household with refinished kitchen cabinetry. Try a new shade in a dining room, guest suite, or convert that unused room into a yoga studio. Boost employee morale with repainted offices or ensure customers feel welcome in your successful business.

For design inspiration, visit our project gallery. The latest color trends include dark green cabinetry, black statement walls, and blush pink accents. Check out Angie’s List recommendations for how to plan your home remodeling projects.

Now’s the time to get moving. Call Empire Painting today or request a free quote. It’s never too soon to get started on your house painting projects, especially since most quality painting companies are seeing open availability!