When it comes to different painting projects, I’m sure we’ve all though about hiring a painter as opposed to doing it ourselves. There are a lot of benefits to completing your own painting project, and there are people out there who enjoy it! But what can professional painters do that you can’t do yourself, right?

Professional Painters vs. DIY

Take a look at your home or business interior. What do you see? A painting professional will know at first glance the surface type (drywall or plaster), current coat details (flaking, texture, sheen), and millwork condition. All of these are important factors when it comes to your paint job.

During a free quote, most contractors will readily estimate the number of gallons needed per room and the ideal paint product, helping reduce cost of paint by not over estimating and having leftover. If you are still wondering if you should do that job, here’s what you should know when weighing whether to hire a pro or do it yourself.



    When hiring a professional painter, they will survey an area further, and will note cracks, nail holes, number of outlet covers and vents, and the state of door and window frame seals. All of this factors into producing an accurate estimate for material and labor costIf you want polished, lasting results, proper surface repair and preparation is necessary before priming and applying the two finishing coats. Should you attempt to tackle walls in undesirable shape, do not skip sanding and priming. Even the best paint cannot cloak all imperfections.

    “Ok, but what’s the estimated total if I supply my own paint?” This is a common question. There is nothing wrong with going to your local Sherwin-Williams or hardware store to purchase your desired colors. However, industry insiders know that painting contractors receive a discounted rate.That’s right. When your contractor buys a can, it may cost up to $40 less than when an individual does. It’s a good industry practice to pass that savings along to clients. With such great discounts, why would you want to spend the time and money to supply it yourself?To make it even easier, painting pros will recommend the appropriate product, color match stains, paint colors, and leave leftover cans clearly labelled for you. Invest in quality brushes and rollers with covers if you intend to perform projects yourself. Use remaining paint to coat a refurbished side table or apply to a canvas with other room accent colors to tie everything together.
    How busy are you? Do you have the time to sand, caulk, prime, and paint? Granted, it takes time to find local painters and collect one to three free quotes. Still, once you meet a professional contractor and understand all that they can accomplish within an eight hour day, you’ll be stunned.Think of it this way. How many projects in your space are half-finished or delayed year after year? Then imagine three or more painting professionals tackling each area. A reliable painting company will send an appropriately sized crew to complete your project as efficiently as possible. If you want to save time before you begin painting, gather all materials, move furniture to the center of rooms, and enlist a helper to apply painter tape.
    If only all painting was as simple as rolling. Pantries, bookshelves, closets and more require the cutting-in technique. Precise hand brushing requires patience and skill. You may consider hiring a pro to complete complicated areas while tackling large walls yourself. Visit the DIY Network to learn more mistakes to successfully avoid.